Case-Based Learning of Primary Immunodeficiency: A Pilot Gamification for Education


Objectives: Proper knowledge transfer to medical students would be highly important in training future generation of physicians and scientists. the current pilot study was designed to determine a model of gamification would be efficient in education of primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIDs) in medical students.
Results: 15 PIDs were selected among the most common PIDs, and were described as an infographic case-problem. The cases were distributed among the students via emails and social media. Generally, we received 125 answers (102 correct and 23 incorrect). For each correct answer, the student was rewarded with a grant. In case of an incorrect answer, the student was encouraged to continue efforts on providing the most accurate answer. The immediate feed-backs encouraged some students to more precisely seek for the correct answer. The pattern of received answers, could provide a clue for the trainer regarding which PIDs have been more commonly learnt and established in minds, and which ones may need more practice and explanation in classes. It is proposed that not only such methods would make the teaching-learning process more exciting, but also, they may lead to more permanent establishment of an educational concept in the students’ minds.

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